Lobster Bisque with Kari Gosse

Lobster Bisque with Kari Gosse

Groix et Nature

RM 46.00 tax incl.

Lobster Bisque with Kari Gosse, 480g

This Lobster Bisque is cooked with Blue Lobsters and Kari Gosse (a traditional mix of spices from France, XIXth Century), this soup will make you discover the finest taste of the lobster.

The bisque is part of Groix & Nature specialty products. Their specialty products are directly taken from the culinary traditions of the Groix Island. These delicacies comes with the authentic flavours of Groix Island that has been around for decades. They produce authentic products that are rich in flavour with no additives or dyes added.

Weight: 480g

Country: France