Salonenque EVOO 200ml

Salonenque EVOO 200ml

Château d'Estoublon

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Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Monovarietal

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the French Provence: Ch. Estoublon.

Fresh, Grassy, Round and Buttery. Saloneque is a very fresh on the palate and it works well as seasoning on salad or steamed vegetables with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

A 100% extra virgin olive oil made from Salonenque olives primarily grown in Provence, France. Comes in a rounded authentic retro chemist bottle.

The harvest is at the optimum ripeness which makes the oil very supple with gentle flavour without the lack of freshness. Ch. Estoulon extra virgin olive oil consist of pure juice of the olives extracted from the first cold pressing.

Cold pressed extra virgin olive - Olives were pressed on the first round of extraction and the olives are kept no higher than 49°C. No heat/chemical additives were used to extract the oil from the olives, thus it retains its full nutritional value.