Organic Grain Mustard With Cider Vinegar 200g

Organic Grain Mustard With Cider Vinegar 200g


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The original Organic grain mustard with cider vinegar.

This mustard is made using fresh mustard seeds and apple juice, ground to a thick paste and can be use for various purposes such as enjy it over toast bread or use in salads, pasta or even use it as a dip for chips or finger food.

Delouis open its doors at 1885 and started with producing vinegar, in 1976 they launched other products like vinaigrettes, sauces, mayonnaise and mustards. 

Delouis is led by two fundamental principles: innovation and respect of the French gastronomic traditions. They have their own research and development team as well as great chefs with high experience. Delouis complies with the strictest quality and environmental requirements, thus providing products of the highest quality.

Country : France

Weight : 200g