Modena Farmacia (Silver)

Modena Farmacia (Silver)

Fattoria Estense

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Fattoria Estense Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Silver Label Aged  between 8-10 years, 250ml.

This vinegar is dense, syrupy and sweet balsamic whose rich flavour and deep amber colour will captivate you. It is perfect when drizzled on aged cheeses or strawberries. It also goes well with prosciutto and filet mignon as well as salads and marinades.

Fattoria Estense is a family enterprise since 1987 in Cogneta, (Modena) - Italy. They have many generations of expereince in the manufacturing of Balsamic. The vinegars are produces in a traditional homemade method on a well-kept family secret recipe.

Centuries old vinegar cultures are the basis for the prodcution giving their vinegar a unique flavour. The Meister still personally and closely watches the critical fermentation process.