Modena Pimula (Bronze)

Modena Pimula (Bronze)

Fattoria Estense

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Fattoria Estense Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged between 6-8 years, 250ml

This vinegar is bright dark brown colour, medium bodied and it gives forth a distinctive fruity arma. It is an intense and stimulating sweet and sour dressing. It is excellent served on raw vegetables or salads.

Fattoria Estense is a family enterprise since 1987 in Cogneta, (Modena)- Italy. They have many generations of experience in the manufacturing of Balsamic. The vinegars are produced in a traditional homemade method on a well-kept family secret recipe.

Centuries old vinegar cultures are the basis for the production giving their vinegar a unique flavour. The Meister still personally and closely watches the critical fermentation process.