Vinegar Lodovico Campari

Vinegar Lodovico Campari

Fattoria Estense

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Lodovico Campari Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, 250ml

The deep sapphire colour, the limpidity, the thick velvety texture and the deep contrast between its initial sweet element and its final acidulous one makes it one of the true jewels of Modena. Perfect as a condiment for meat, fish, vegetables and aged cheese.

Fattoria Estense is a family enterprise since 1987 in Cogneta, Modena- Italy. They have many generations of experience in the manufacturin of Balsamic. The vinegars are produced in a traditional homemade method on a well-kept family secret recipe.

Centuries old vinegar cultures are the basis for the production giving their vinegar a unique flavour. The Meister still personally and closely watches the critical fermentaion process.