ATLAS 150 Color

ATLAS 150 Color


RM 500.00 tax incl.

 is the home-made pasta machine with a young and trendy style, that combines use, functionality and design;

Atlas 150 Color will easily fit in with the decor of your kitchen.



It lets you prepare 3 pasta shapes: lasagne, fettuccine (6 mm) and tagliolini (1.5 mm).

The machine can be used with 12 accessories, sold separately, to make new and different pasta shapes, all home-made.

Atlas 150 Color is equipped with a 10-position regulating knob which allows you to achieve different dough sheet thicknesses: from 4.8 mm in position num. 0, to 0.6 mm in position num. 9.

it comes with a clamp to secure the pasta machine to your work surface, and a useful handle with a coloured grip. To streamline and speed up your work, it is equipped with a bayonet fitting so that a Pastadrive motor can be quickly attached to it.

this machine is built with anodisedaluminium alloy so that no metal residues are released onto the dough.


Country : Italy




1. Do not use in the dishwasher

2. Do not clean with metal objects

3. Clean with a toothpick or a small brush