TAKAJE Vacuum Machine ( red )

TAKAJE Vacuum Machine ( red )

Tre Spade

RM 930.00 tax incl.


The only system that allows you to vacuum pack all types of glass jars with metal lids. This makes it possible to convert waste into a resource, save a considerable amount of time and money, while reducing waste to a minimum. 


Vacuum chamber designed to facilitate the insertion of bags, to reduce plastic bag waste and to prevent the suction of any liquid into the machine. 
A red rubber and carbon diskette, not much larger than a coin. An idea that combines convenience, savings, simplicity of use and a sensitivity to the environment, transforming any glass container, new or already used, into a perfect vacuum container. 
The Takaje valve can be used on glass containers of any size, new or already used, with a metal lid. The system is perfect for any type of food. It extends the shelf life of food and increases the duration of the glass containers, reducing food wastage and spoilage. 

With the extension supplied with the Vacuum Machine, it is quick and easy to put any type of food, solid or liquid, in a vacuum jar.  
  • Body constructed in ABS and stainless steel
  • Voltage and Frequency: 220-240 V/ 50-60 Hz (motors for other voltages and frequencies available on request)
  • Features four different operating modes: Automatic cycle - Manual cycle - Suction in jars cycle – Sealing cycle (for rolls)
  • Double sealing bar (width: 3mm) with excellent heat resistance
  • Simple and precise sealing settings 
  • Clean, streamlined design.
  • Built-in jar suction system
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning operations

  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 36.5 x 18.5 x 11 cm
  • Sealing rod lenght: 33 cm
  • Absorption: 200 W
  • Max depression: 800 mbar
  • Pump suction: 16 l/min
  • Master carton: 3 pz